Colmena World Colmena world is a virtual world created so that you can feel and experience virtual reality from home, entering a world full of experiences. From the possibility of being able to buy virtual real estate assets to be able to enjoy them alone or with your friends, apartments, houses, offices, commercial premises, advertising, marketing, you will find everything you need in Colmena World. You will also have concerts, live events, virtual simulations so that you feel the adrenaline to the fullest, social gatherings, shopping, visiting art galleries and museums, going to the cinema and watching your favorite movie, contacting new users, investing, creating and above all enjoying of our metaverse. Colmena City The main city of hive world where you will find: Realstate: here you can find the catalog of all our available assets to invest in our metaverse. You will have demos of each asset to see and know if they adapt to your needs or your tastes! Islandstore: You can buy virtual trips to an aphrodisiac island or have the option to buy an island and do whatever you want with it! invest with business NFTs Models the first photography model contest organized in a metaverse. A contest full of prizes and events in which the user will be able to view and vote for the nfts galleries of the models in a way never seen before! ColmenaLand: Buy land in Colmena World and do with it what you want! From reselling them, renting them or creating your own virtual real estate projects! SRV: Virtual reality simulations. We are a virtual simulation factory with all kinds of sensations so that the user never stops experiencing large doses of adrenaline! Nft Gallery: A wide variety of virtual galleries to expose the nfts that one wants and be able to present them in a visually revolutionary way! RV Games: A section full of virtual reality games so that our users can always enjoy themselves to the fullest!