Welcome to Colmena World

An VR mobile and desktop NFT Metaverse

Users own the world

Backed by the blockchain, Colmena World gives you full ownership of your in-game passes and assets. Each asset has its non-fungible token (NFT) minted and stored in its crypto wallet. Each NFT is verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain, proving your ownership of that digital asset. You own the assets, rather than them belonging to the game, you have the power to hold, transfer and trade NFTs on the market at your discretion.

Road map

June 2022
July 2022 We are here
August 2022
October 2022
January 2023

Will the game be free to access?

Yes!, access to the lobby and some attractions, but if you want a superior experience you must have NFT passes or assets.

Classic pass

one-time 1000 NFT supply

Citizen pass

one-time 100 NFT supply

Platinium pass

one-time 10 NFT supply

Get your early access pass and in-game assets at

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The team

the first four

Cameron Casti

C.E.O. Marketing Manager

Angel Méndez

C.E.O. Master Trader

Cristina Martín

Chief in Nft models

Bernardo Berri

Chief Designer - Developer